Lovely, piercing words on the (old) Rice by Abbie Kunath Park.

The now defunct Rice on Mott street was just below my sunny, 5th floor walk-up and hosted a collection of some of the most snotty gals on the LES. So much so that I was forced to quell my constant desire to eat there.  Mmm – those yummy rice ball things, Mmmm that black rice stuff, Mmm that orange-colored dressing, Mmmm etc.  I cannot believe that memory is so bad that I cannot remember the official names for those delectables. A serious hangover served as the tipping point – nothing could beat Rice treats as the cure…well maybe a Cubano Sandwich from Cafe Habana.


Abbie Kunath Park was bred on cheese steaks in center city Philly and spent her younger years on the shores of Lake Michigan. She landed in suburban NY just before the 80s hit. Post grad she hopped to the big city landing her first low rent apt on 6th Avenue just across from the famed 4th Street basketball courts and above Dallas Jones BBQ then onto spring and Thompson and her final low rent score on Mott street before marriage, pregnancy and current residence where Tortilla Flats serves as mess hall and childcare center to her two young children.