I’m digging my cup of tea (Green Green Tea by Today Was Fun) right now + would consider it a great gift; as many teas out there…get off the Twinnings and try some of the new breeds.  I just passed along my sis-in-law some The London Cuppa for the law school finals.

For boozy card games; bring a set of Hermes playing cards or roll in with the Tim Burton set a la MoMA. Tiffany also makes a cool card set. I’ve also been lighting my Ralph Lauren Thoroughbred Candle ($42). Sitting around makes me want to work a puzzle or put together some Legos like this Taj Mahal ($225)

I like the thought of bringing some good Champagne (preferably Vueve or Moet, seriously who’s going to turn away a nice bottle of champagne) in a cool Tote Bag (from $11.95 for the male/female silhouette to $82 for the heavier version) from Mothology (see $82 version below) with some Balthazar baked goods and cheese.  Oh, MZ Wallace tells me they’re brining back a Tote for starved collectors such as myself.