Have I written about JG Melons yet? If not, I’m out of my mind.  I love this place.  From the long, narrow hallway bar of patrons waiting to eat while sipping on a Harp or Guinness.  A fond memory is after hitting the RLP Manson with sis, bro-in-law, Nicky Fresh and Jimbo during a snow storm (I’m talking 16 inches) which blanketed the city.  White OUT; I loved it. That day, I even tried to beef tartar which basically a huge lump of meat (i.e., ground chuck). My sister, at that time, not eating meat, was horrified as Jimbo stuck his spoon in for a generous heaping.  And the time my mom was kicked out for using her cellphone, and we were told we MUST give up our seats as our party wasn’t complete (5 out of 6) and my bro-in-law had to put the old, balding maître d ‘in his place.

Great burgers, fries and a small time old school ambience to kick back to. Checkered table clothes and old school menu with decent NYC pricing.  YUM. Wish I were there now for lunch.