if you are still looking for gifts; i have a few more suggestions this week.  Since they were released, City Secrets ($16.45 on Amazon) has compiled a great list of New Yorkers (neurologist Oliver Sacks, architects Richard Meier and Philip Johnson, MoMA director Glenn Lowry) and their secret picks (some not so secret to the already inside NY’er).  London, Rome, Venice & The Towns of Italy have already been released.  Paris is forthcoming.  These are great gifts for those who think they know everything about a city.  It’s not a guidebook but something to read slowly and savour.  Like the cup of black French Press I’m about to drink.

A favorite except by Philip Johnson reads: “I still love the Fours Seasons restaurant in the Seagram Building.  At first, MIes I weren’t sure what would in those spaces.  At one point we considered a care show room.  Fortunately, that final decision was for a restaurant.  I got to do the interiors since Mies was eager to get back to Chicago. The Grill Room and the Pool Room are different in feel, but they are two of the prettiest rooms in New York. More than 40 years later, these designs still please me greatly.”