Words hardly describe the magical, a warm-lit and very fulfilling experience at Il Mulino (on West 3rd Street)  The scent of warm garlic, onions and red wine fill the small room as if someone opened a magic potion which captures your nose in seconds flat, intoxicating you to have a drink while your table opens up.  This only adds to the excitement of actually sitting down. The bar is small and crowded. No room for coats; one must hand off their winter jacket off the bat.  Once you sit down, the assault (on all senses) begins.  And, the three or four special occasions I have been; each time is oddly different (company wise) although the food and service stays the same.

Once you sit down, Mulino owns you, from the fun wait staff (donned in tuxedos) who flurry by without much notice except to occasionally make you laugh, the bussers filling your water (watch out for the curse of the bottled water; specify if you want tap). One bill boasted $200 of Evian ; yikes.

No one is here to rush your food experience which can take hours but the cozy vibe and those insanely brilliant starters are just a bit of what’s to come. It’s not a place to be modest or shy about taking in massive amounts of food. Ditto your wallet.  I have sampled (which you often do here in a family style way:: Spezzatino Di Pollo Alla Romano, Bistecca Alla Griglia (the prime New York aged strip), Ossobuco (veal shanks roasted in a  red wine sauce)…this is hard to type, I’m starving for GOOD food…Rigatoni Bolgonese (braised veal, lamb and beef served in a rich tomato sauce).

Everyone is considered equal at Mulino, sure you could be sitting next to so and so and him and her but the service is there to make certain you leave satisfied (re: stuffed to the brim). And, after the last of the Grappa is poured, you certainly feel a sense of euphoria, your senses having gone on a roller coaster.  Sleep entices you.  Mulino is a special place, and I urge you to go.  It’s a special joint for friends and family.  I have great, fond memories of the place. Always will.