Everyone has (and is entitled) to their own Kim’s Video story. I can think of a dozen off-hand; one which N.F. told me after Jimbo yielded an Ax at one of the employees who refused to lessen his late fee.  This East and West Village icon served it’s purpose whether for the classics or the more smutty titles behind a curtain or just beyond that wall.  IN 2008, The Daily News reported, ” The beloved movie shop Kim‘s Video will soon shut down its rental service on St. Marks Place and ship the store’s 55,000-title film collection to a new far-flung home – in Italy. And it’s been given away for free. A sign posted in the window states the last day for rentals is Dec. 31 – New Year’s Eve –and after that the films will be donated to the town of Salemi, Sicily – population about 11,000.”

For owner Yongman Kim, losing his video collection marks the end of an era. “I think my passion in loving film to share and introduce to New Yorkers is no longer valid,”he told the Daily News via e-mail.

Thanks to Netflix and the barrage of Direct TV and other do-dads; Kim’s is dust in the wind but not to be forgotten (WHAT A MAJOR COLLECTION, FOLKS).  A colorful place and one well-known to all.