During the holiday season, I’m a bit nostalgic for uptown spots. For high decor.

Should you hit lunch or dinner at the 21 Club , well, it’s  a pretty good day. Pre-theatre meals are great under the room of vintage aeroplanes and lanterns. The chilled seafood platter is perfect, Ahi Tuna and of course, the 21 Burger (sets you back $30 beans).

Post meal, I snuck through the kitchen where the maitre’d showed us the private wine room.  Truly spectacular.

In REAR WINDOW, Grace Kelly’s character, Lisa has a waiter brings in lobster, french fries and a bottle of Montrachet from The 21 Club.

’21’ on Camera In 1950, scenes from “All About Eve” were filmed at ’21’, the first of many to come. According to “Celluloid Skyline” (2001) by James Sanders, ’21’ has been featured in more NYC movies than any other restaurant. On-screen credits include “Sweet Smell of Success”, “Written on the Wind”, “The Opposite Sex”, “Wall Street”, “One Fine Day”, “Manhattan Murder Mystery”, “The Associate”, “Sex and the City” and “The Apprentice”. ’21’ is also referred to in many movies, most notably Alfred Hitchcock’s “Rear Window”, when Lisa Carol Fremont (Grace Kelly) had ’21’ deliver dinner to a laid-up L.B. “Jeff” Jeffries (James Stewart).

++Nearly every U.S. President since FDR has visited ’21’ – George W. Bush is the lone exception. K8 notes: Barack Obama hasn’t dropped in either.