say, i’m starting to have enough holiday shopping and gifting, so this might as well be my swan song for the rest of the season.  a few more ideas, if you know a particular brand of coffee from a state you love; why not hook your friends up with that (only if you know they dig the same genre as yourself).  For me; this would include Stumptown or it might be a good brew from an Ale House such as Rogue or my hometown of KC’s brewery, Boulevard Beer (yes, we’re all of legal drinking age). A six-pack a month…not bad for the beer master in your life.

Finally a good season of films is upon us…why not purchase a gift card for movie tickets AND concessions. Who doesn’t like the movies? And, you know the popcorn is half the battle.  Or air pop yours at home and throw it in this little Tiffin.  Another winner idea (if you don’t already have one is a Technics SL player and a years worth of Vinyl). How extremely DOPE and well, SOLID GOLD BABY.