What a great holiday trip, you know uptown.  One hits the RLP Mansion for the sheer decadence, materialism and luxury that IS the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Yo, this is Madison Avenue, baby. The RLP empire is vast.  It’s Steve McQueen meets Peter Beard with a bit of Heffner. The mansion itself is just as pretentious, lush and uppity JUST as you WOULD EXPECT (read: WANT) it.  The holiday decor is over-the-top with plush reds, purples and brown hues.

Inside, its well-lit and warm, just as a mansion designed as showroom should be.  Makes you want to light a cigar and drink top-shelf scotch. It’s like a Wes Anderson set without the novels.

I recall Jimmy trying on his Purple Label, Purple Velvet Suit as Roxie watched on.  He was fitted and instantly passed when the  price tag to read $10K.  Decadence has its price; even for the wealthy. Ho-hum.  You could spend hours inside and it smells musky.

Otherwise, the home collection is top notch; with lead crystal and cool bar items.  Ditto the horse prints which dot the dark panelled wood interior padded with gorgeous oriental rugs. The women’s gowns are fantastic and it’s a great place to take a seat downstairs and watch the people rush by.  Or shop the exclusive “vault”  here. I mean, jeez, RLP is has an auction house too; brilliant!

PLOT your dramatic exit (down this hall, left to the winding staircase and out on the streets you go).  Once street side, head to a much more relaxed lunch or post shopping drink at Melons.