The warm (is this word over-utlized?)…perhaps.  Okay, the rustic Italian kitchen vibe of Il Buco sounds about perfect on a cold, snowy New York day.  I foresee crudo as a starting point with a glass of white and then seguing into a pasta dish (portions are small but just right) or Maltagliati con Galletti e Pancetta (rough cut pasta, chanterelle mushrooms, pancetta, nepitella, parmesan).  The family tables are great to share a meal with friends and fork over to try your neighbor’s bowl. It’s as if you’re sitting in a n old Umbrian barn or someone’s home. The subterranean wine cellar (where Woody Allen sat his character Melinda of yes, Melinda and Melinda) is uber-romantic if not the perfect, dark and moody cinematic spot.  Check it out live. It’s moody and perfect.