Again, just when I thought the decadence and annoyingly silly hipsters vanished into the thin, cold air…Vice unleashes a new line up of holiday parties. God bless them. Bad economic climate (read: recession) hardly bothers these trustafaris.  The New York Post lays it out: One Christmas party wasn’t good enough for Vice — the hipster media empire decided to hold three separate holiday bashes last week. On Tuesday, employees were treated to a performance by indie group Cold Cave at the Music Wall of Williamsburg. The next night, staffers gathered for movie screenings at PS122. Finally, on Thursday, the magazine hosted a dinner party of ribs, pork belly and bourbon at Fette Sau in Brooklyn.

Kitty Bawler feels alive again. Trust me, I would rather follow this gang I watched like a hawk then spend time looking at the uber-pretentious Purple Diary. (I touched on this earlier here explaining my type of affected is Black Box Recorder. In fact, a new column will now compare THINGS I WOULD RATHER READ/WATCH/PARTICIPATE over the highly rancid and pretentious Purple D; a man’s own homage to himself (and his aviators).  Sorry, bru, I’m all for photography and artful settings but you just want to sucker punch all the little hipsters and I won’t let that happen.  Listen Purple Diary, I was at the Fontainebleau and saw the Dash Snow Funeral procession myself; it was the bearded guys and stubbly-facial haired guys with vintage t-shirt and the skinny little wafer crackers with feathered bangs who support their men.

Tasteful pornography or cartoons of characters entitled “Shopping with She-Moose”…it’s all vividly clear. Vice helped create Dash Snow and P.D. just took pictures of him…signing things.

(Fette Sau image via Paper Magazine)


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