as it once were. Although you will still pass the waiters lining the streets of Mott and Mulberry, hustling you to come in and your classic Little Italy Italian flag and “Kiss me I’m Italian tees…”much has changed since the Chinese moved into the neighborhood and it became an interesting gentrification of a neighborhood once so clearly dominated by Italians.

Being a huge fan of the Italians and the great films of the time (not to mention the bevy of directors and actors) who grew up in the neighborhood, it’s hard to doubt the real history of Little Italy.  There’s some great literature here.“Key scenes from The Godfather – Francis Ford Coppola’s epic family saga – were filmed in Little Italy. These include the Christening scene, in which Coppola’s family members acted as extras, and the set representing the interior of the Genco Olive Oil Company, which was built on the fourth floor of an old loft building at 128 Mott Street, at the corner of Hester.”

You can still walk the past in Little Italy; the narrow streets, the foods and smells (mixed with a bit of Chinese Wok) and the tenements haven’t changed a bit.