Do you know what Kansas City stands for in this headline?

Today, I was annoyed to read that Paul Sev; the DJ bike messenger startup was rocking out a space of what one “insider” explained would pick up the legendary Max’s Kansas City vibe with artists space, drinks, offices, poetry reading, you know the new renaissance of the fallen “vanilla” vibe which has become downtown Manhattan.  Hey, you can’t go home AGAIN. The Beatrice Inn closed with its big names and chill stars who become faded memories.  It made me wonder if I liked the Purple Diary in a more profound way until I recalled the aviator glass photographer man taking a photo of Paul Sev’s at Indochine’s anniversary. Dang; so not that lucky.  Kitty Bawler is back on the prowl.

Look, I’m still for the rejuvenation of the white Wonder bread which currently walks the streets like zombies but to have another pretentious, disciple bar where long-haired high designed kids with black wrestling shoes in the Nike vein (read: they ” ALL look so DIFFERENT in the SAME WAY”) come to play and drug and spend money.  We shall see…but so far, I’m not buying it.

In the meantime…DRUM ROLL BOYS ~

Best part of it all, VOTE YOURSELF. They say “Hipster” is a word of the past; I challenge myself to come up with something new.  Check and vote on Gawker’s Who is the Hipster of the Decade?