Well, I’ve been out of commission for a while as one often is during the holidays.  Now I’m back with an ear infection but continuing down my New York road.

Remember the days of the old where one would venture downstairs without a private number or a name at the door (which probably meant they didn’t know Paul Sev). such was  place called Decibel sake bar (on east 9th) where you snuck down a set of stairs into an underground world, much as you might imagine being a Tokyo gangster. Vice City has nothing on this place.  The tables were wooden and the sake (both warm and cold) were poured to your delight.  It was a nice place to end your evening, snacking on some shumai and edamane before venturing home. It opened in 1993, we are on the brink of 2010; so dare I declare this well-lit, warm glow place timeless?