How would  a Williamsburg hipster feel in the company of Hotel Le Hameau Albert 1er, Chamonix. where the stubbly aviator man from Purple Diary took his latest pre- 2010 snaps.  In headlines only under “travel” and “night” our good man captures the essence of snowy rabbit hats, more aviators and snowy tree tops.  Could the hipsters embrace the decadent chic-ness of the 70’s hotel, Alpina Hotel, Chamonix.  Would they be able to keep their verbiage and explanation of pictures to a sheer minimum?  It’s doubtful the Purple D man and his entourage drink cans of Pabst.  No; I think not.  It’s doubtful they ski in YSL sweaters. Nope. Hardly not. Those hipsters….they ski but perhaps in old vintage North Face jackets.  Lacoste? Please, no. Perhaps a Patagonia varietal. Better yet confused.

Both genres are oddly confused but I’d like to know if either smokes. And if so, what?

Kitty Bawler has been studying the trends and inner-workings of all the pretentious, black labeled culture of the downtown crowd.  She’s cynical and a bit jaded. She’s patient and doesn’t mind writing about, you know, cool people.

(image: Carterhipsterphotos)