As I type this on a frigid midwestern night (temperature reads 8 degrees), I’m reminded of the hearty appetite of one Jim Brady.  He liked food and diamonds.  Quite the guy. I’ve been quite the carnivore as of late; but on a night like this; I can only look forward to my garlic sausage and lentil soup.  Still yet, I would have made an excellent dining partner to Mssr. Brady.

Whether True or False, a Real Stretch by David Kamp, which appeared in the New York Times (December 30, 2008). “Brady is described as having routinely begun his day “with a hefty breakfast of eggs, breads, muffins, grits, pancakes, steaks, chops, fried potatoes, and pitchers of orange juice. He’d stave off mid-morning hunger by downing two or three dozen clams or oysters, then repair to Delmonico’s or Rector’s for a lunch that consisted of more oysters and clams, lobsters, crabs, a joint of beef, pie, and more orange juice.”

In midafternoon, allegedly, came a snack “of more seafood,” followed by dinner: “Three dozen oysters (the largest Lynnhavens were saved for him), a dozen crabs, six or seven lobsters, terrapin soup,” and a steak, with a dessert of “a tray full of pastries… and two pounds of bonbons.” Later in the evening, allegedly, came an après-theater supper of “a few game birds and more orange juice.”

God love the man. Ditto the diamonds.