You had your chance to vote and if you didn’t thanks much.  Some Carles person stole the top prize cannot say I know much about their vitals. Gawker reports, “And now the question remains: Who is this Carles? Nobody really knows. He is anonymous! Although he does give IM interviews. He told the Village Voice, “I grew up in suburbia and recently graduated from business school,” and said “I think the whole concept of the site is ‘being able to justify your alternative existence’ by monitoring websites that are theoretically on the bleeding edge of culture.”

Uggh. How boring.

Jeez, add someone else to the vague, pretentious stupid portion of downtown culture.  My own personal picks were in the low-wattage via votes.  Dang, Paul Sev …What happened?  Perhaps that move to hotel Atlantic City put you low on the totem. But, damn, you didn’t even make it to the final top five hipsters of the DECADE.  Personally, my money was on Gavin McInnes, I mean it’s VICE kids….but I guess I’m getting too old or I lack complete edge.