Lovely, piercing words on the now shuttered BUFFA’s Deli by Abigial Kunath Park.

Once upon a time there was a girl who thought she was to waltz thru life all alone….

Daily she’d leave her Mott Street apt, grab a cup of Joe and her subway and head off to work. Stopping by Buffa’s always offered a new experience in organized chaos. Worn neighborhood characters offering their service with a snarkey yet genuine smile and the perfect amount of sarcasm. A soaked brown bag of coffee was more than Buffas had to offer – a sense of community. A diverse set of characters: worn artists, old ladies with big bright hair, working class gents, young fire fighters and younger party types in their respectable employees disguises.

One lucky day in March that all started changing for that Mott Street girl and by May her morning walks to the subway included what was to someday be her husband. Late nights were perfectly completed with morning time eggs of any sort from their favorite diner. Buffa’s staff was among the only neighborhood folk who knew of their romance that early on.

One solo morning she headed in for that cup of coffee and her favorite morning helper said “Hey what’s your boyfriend’s name…Lucky?”

She had just about answered, “Greg” when she realized it was a joke. She grinned and answered back, “I’m the lucky one.”

He said “Congratulations!”

From then on he was only referred to as Lucky at Buffas. St Patrick’s Day was that magical day in March when we had realized that our very casual friendship could evolve as so that guy’s renaming Greg, Lucky was more suited than he knew.

I told that story at our wedding. That was a life changing time in my life and Buffa’s was very much a part of it. So sad to see it gone. 

XXOO to Buffas,

Mrs Lucky.


Abbie Kunath Park was bred on cheese steaks in center city Philly and spent her younger years on the shores of Lake Michigan. She landed in suburban NY just before the 80s hit. Post grad she hopped to the big city landing her first low rent apt on 6th Avenue just across from the famed 4th Street basketball courts and above Dallas Jones BBQ then onto spring and Thompson and her final low rent score on Mott street before marriage, pregnancy and current residence where Tortilla Flats serves as mess hall and childcare center to her two young children.