I don’t see what’s so great about new – I prefer old. Old friends, old jobs, old boyfriends; I like things that are worn and comfortable, places I have been a million times, so the better half of my two week vacation was my stop-over in New York City, my home since college where even the biting cold feels soothingly familiar.  The first five days of my vacation I spent in London, which sounds fancier than it was. In actuality I slept through a Pinter play in the West End, dozed off on the London Eye, and felt on the whole that I was observing a great city from afar, it was probably too short a trip to fall in love with anything. I had the nagging feeling throughout my visit that I was a little inferior to the stylish lag-abouts who jaunted down Oxford Street as if on a cold and crowded runway.  But then I flew to New York, where it was even colder but at least people have the decency to dress in bulky coats and hats until they get indoors.  I can still taste the spicy sausage with rice cakes I ate at Momofoku, which falls under the category of new to me, but I went to other old haunts like Blue Ribbon Bakery and I realized I’ve been living in Los Angeles for a year and I still feel like a current New Yorker, enraged about higher taxi fares and annoyed by the onslaught of Borough hoppers on the New Year.  And then it’s back to Los Angeles, where there aren’t any Dunkin’ Donuts and the food all tastes the same, and I have a new job and new job-friends but at least I don’t have to think of things to talk about, because all my old stories are new to them. 


D-GIRL was a development girl in Hollywood and New York City for many years. While finding projects for actors, directors and producers to make into movies, she amassed a number of salacious tales of questionable morality that became an internet column entitled “D-Girl Diary.” She left show business to become a full-time writer in 2001. Apparently, she is back….

She’s baaaaack…most excellent. Read the full-on… D-Girl Diary tomorrow!

(d girls image artist Tashina Suzuki)