If I had to make a wager on the camo/skateboarding boys and girls (especially that one badass Asian chick) of SSUR vs the Purple Diary; well, my money is on the old school attitude of the Lower East Side and Bowery.  These were the original band of sneaker dudes with Range Rovers before they became a soccer mom car.  Could it be that Purple Diary and the aviator man are finally letting others take photos and submit them; novel idea.

Regardless, I could hit any underground parking lot in lower Manhattan to take this snap (see below); what about the Music Express Fleet of check the security at Halliburton?  What about a loft builiding in Tribeca where I counted four Escalades with grills.  Yeah. Okay, I get it.  Cars are cool.  Bling Bling.

Someone, bring back my camouflage and the black Weber grill and pop communist toys. Bring back the skate culture, grafatti and theft.  Take away the pretty Paris shots and those damn skiing photos.  Carve your name in something real. (me begging)…Please.

From the purple D: “Our hotel’s fleet of purple Cadillac Escalades, used to transport clientele and entertainment, Biloxi, Mississippi”. Photo by Sonny Ortolano)

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