I love Indochine, period.

The people all look fabulous and it’s one of those time capsules.  Everyone who is anyone has walked through the fabled doors on Lafayette Street, long before places like Butter.  It’s people watching (not gawking) at it’s very best.  It’s divinely chill; automatically chill. Decadent chill. The old timers all have stories (many of which include the bathroom) and various downtown celeb sightings.

It’s been on the scene for 25 years; with a newly minted Rizzoli book to boot (please snag one for your coffee table NOW!.

Did I mention the food, fantastic. The menu seems untouched from the perfectly crisp spring rolls with French slash Vitanamese influences.  Grilled eggplant, spicy beef salad, steamed chilean sea bass (man; it’s hard to type this as I salivate).  Drinks are poured to your liking of course ; dirty Belevedere martini please. The checkered floor and the green palms trees throughout offer that french colonial vibe.  I miss going to Indochine, but I still love it.

(1st image: Shanna Ravindra/nym)

(2nd image: interview magazine)