okay; just when i thought the boutique hotel thing was winding down, im horrified to read about a place oddly entitled; the Nolitan.  Roll out the red carpet kids. When I lived in Nolita; did that make me one of these Nolitans?  What is a Nolitan? An Avatar-like-Alien who wears Three as Four wardrobe and dreams of a dinner with Bjork.  Regardless, the little trendy pink website is up; you can check it here.

Makes my brian hurts just to think about it; more of the La Esquina crowd (some of whom I like very much) decked to the halls.  And what about the Crosby Street Hotel?  They’re all soon to be forgotten.  Henny Penny the sky is falling; it’s raining boutiques.  Pouring.  Personally, I still like to shack up at 60 Thom; a mere dinosaur in a massive, overcrowded swamp of over thought (i.e., overly designed) hotels where you never leave to step out on the city streets because all your needs are under one roof. Someone should take a page from the Portland hotels because they get it done right.

It’s true you know.

There goes the neighborhood.  Come to think of it; the neighborhood has been gone for a long time.  Now it’s really gone.

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