Read what you missed; installment one and  two of Joey Little Italy.

Installment 3:  Joey arrived at work, sweating from the subway to his cubicle.  Plus; compared to other co-workers, this was a medium to large cubicle (probably not larger than his bedroom and bathroom on Mulberry combined).

Not that size mattered.

His perspiration only worsened under the false florescent lighting as a small wet patch appeared under his left armpit.   Damn gene pool! He approached his cubicle littered with a few pictures of his family along with the obligatory Jets poster and Atlanta Braves World Series pennant.  A rough, but necessary, jumping off point he thought. He wanted others to know he wasn’t entirely New York sports authority and carried other interests.  Lacy and Peter arrived behind him, talking about their Upper East existence.  How boring though Joey Little Italy. They walked over to the coffee machine, storing their lunches away in the group refrigerator.

Disgusting.  Why don’t you hold a black light up to that science experiment.

Joey popped a Sudafed for a sinus infection when his superior, Kelly McCollum dropped in to check on his latest accounting report for a new junk food being released by Dire Farms. 

-Urrr…let me get it right to you.

– I can wait while you find it.

-It might take a moment.

-I need it in five minutes. The Dire people will be here in ten.

Kelly was on such a power trip.  Joey thought it was her mid-life years when in fact, Kelly was only thirty. He knew Kelly McCollom lived in Jersey; otherwise he didn’t have much scoop.

Joey ran into the bathroom to wash cold water on his face.  He thought he might be under the weather but clearly it was too late to vanish.  The report was complete and half-assed at that.  Joey had left the office early the day before to head to Mulberry Bar and hang with the boys. 

As if Kellyknew what it was like to live amoung real Italians. Ph-lease.  She knew NOTHING…nothing about Joey Little Italy.  It was going to be a long day. The pills would only offset some of the problems.