Because there is still more to say on the subject.

While I’m quite tired, if not exhausted by the word,” hipster”, it goes without saying THIS IS WHAT THEY ARE CALLED. Unless, of course, someone can re-invent the title.

Now if we can just picture the Williamsburg kids with their freshly stubbled beards, sans the pricey aviators and gold pieces you might see on the pages of the Purple Diary.  While they have similar pretensions (fashion, food, booze + sex), it would seem if Ollie and co. flaunt it a bit more.  Not to say the BK hipsters don’t have the douja.  Because they do, in fact, many are trustafaris while others just missed having a small college town like Lawrence KS or Bloomington IN or any other small midwest college strip much like that of Williamsburg.  Straight and linear streets with shops and restaurants.  Trying to be cheap but really, really over-priced.

I digress.

The BK hipsters have my vote solely on pop culture, the latest bands, where you can score good (canned) beer deals, and many are artists if not caricatures or themselves. Plus money down their cardigans are less ratty vintage.

The aviator man loses again.


Kitty Bawler has been studying the trends and inner-workings of all the pretentious, black labeled culture of the downtown crowd.  She’s cynical and a bit jaded. She’s patient and doesn’t mind writing about, you know, cool people.