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At five o’clock Joey was quick to pack his things and head to the tavern with a work buddy.  The computer thankfully turned off, his eyes were bugged from the yellow hue of the screen and a wad of trash was piled high; something out of a Shel Silverstein poem.

It was 4:58 and the clock wasn’t moving.  Someone once told him a watchful clock or pot never boils.  Boy, were they right.  He heard the faint typing of those staying late, hoping to impress the boss or those caddy girls who didn’t need jobs and would be married within two or three years.  Dumb chicks.

The hour of five finally came to pass.  Joey and Rob headed out the door, down the elevator and out of the Lipstick building where they worked.  They headed over to Murphy’s pub for the standard two or three Stellas and the free snacks; today was tater tots and pizza.

Third Avenue was such a dud, and usually Joey Little Italy liked to return downtown to his posse.  However, Rob lived uptown and the Mets were playing.  Plus, it was a good way to break the ice with a drink, loosen the nerves, before JLI met his date, Laura at the W Hotel bar.  He didn’t know why he chose a hotel, certainly not for any reason, other than it was on the east side and JLI was a East side guy.

-Kelly was such a bitch today.

-She doesn’t like you much, man.  That’s for sure.

Rob laughed.

Joey was thrown off.  While he thought Kelly might not like him, certainly he didn’t know others were onto the fact.