I would be doing art collectors, especially those on a more modest budget, an injustice not to mention Jen Bekman’s 20×200.  Every Tuesday and Wednesday, Jen introduces a new piece to collectors. $20 for 8×10 (usually archival prints) and only 200 limited editions.  You’re also able to upgrade to larger editions from $50 to $5000.

JB was an old neighbor (and a great one at that). Her gallery was downstairs from my pad. I was always inspired by her ideas and she taught me how to blog.  I’ve bought various pieces from 20×200 including Megan Whitmarsh,  Mike Monteiro, Don Hamerman, Matt Jones and Mark Ulriksen.  They all blend in differently and rather perfectly. It’s a good range.  And good art.

(image: Kent Rogowski)