I can’t stop making out in public with my new non-boyfriend, because I am wildly attracted to him, especially his complete lack of interest in having any sort of relationship with me.  I’m no psychiatrist but it’s possible I’m familiar with this feeling of neglect and coldness: my Mom used to call me Number Five because I was her fifth child and once she left me sitting in front of the library for eight hours because she forgot to pick me up.  She also left me overnight at my friend Heather’s house, and at a gas station in Florida for half a day when we were on a family road trip.  I guess I had it better than the sister who is one year older than me: when she was only two, she plopped right out of our car one day when we were turning a corner and sat there on the curb waiting for us to come back and get her for hours.  It’s hard to keep track of eight children, and it’s equally as hard for the Computer Guy to balance all the girls he is apparently sleeping with – although I can’t imagine a nineteen year old GoGo dancer who still lives with her Mom is that hard to pin down.

At work my Boss decided to put my internet column onto our Development Slate as a potential television show.  There has been no talk of money thus far, but I have it on good authority that people get paid for this sort of thing, so I’m hoping someone drops by a paper bag full of cash to my little apartment in Korea Town and all of my problems will be solved.  I can’t imagine how nice it would be to get paid to write any more than I can imagine liking a guy who likes me back and who doesn’t call me dude and constantly send me texts meant for other girls.

Read the full-on… D-Girl Diary tomorrow!

(d girls image artist Tashina Suzuki)