THIS is a tough one.  Where do you go?  What do you say? It’s best to work out a point system and let the math decide. One cannot argue with math! Yes, yes, lets the math decide.

This is about a little skinny blonde chick (sans the days of a healthy red-head from the Parent Trap) vs. Olivier Zahn as self-proclaimed “fashion, art critic” and oh, photographer.  We must examine L.L. (Double L) in the eye of fashion chick, sadly, not actress. As we know, Ollie is purely a fashion man. They both like to pose for pictures.

Double L’s overly felt presence on Twitter LOSS OF 1 POINT.  Have you ever read this chick’s tweets, especially in the wake of the Haiti disaster (although she’s sending down leggings)? Yikes!  Posed in New York Mag as Marilyn Monroe; GAIN 2 POINT.  As new emerging Fashion Designer, LOSS OF 2 POINTS.



Ollie wears the same shades over and over: LOSS OF1 POINT. Hangs, photographs and makes reference to Paul Sev. LOSS OF 1. Exploits small children in bars, LOSS OF 3 POINTS.  Skiing all over the place and living in Paris (in general); GAIN OF 2 POINTS.



RESULT: UGH ! TIE!  Dreadfully tied.

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(OZ image: Women’s Blog)