Joey and Laura sauntered back down to Mulberry Street.  Too drunk to really care, Joey paid for the cab and tipped an extra $2 to show it wasn’t all about money. He knew how to treat a girl right. Plus, he was about to get lucky. He could feel it. As of late, JLI had been going through a dry patch.
The main door of his apartment building was swung open.  Great security thought Laura as she stumbled. The restaurant  next door shared the hallway and drug the trash onto the lineoluem floor.  Joey forgot to fire off a warning shot as often, a thin layer of grease appeared from Da Angelo’s busboy dragging the Sicilian meatballs and kitchen smudge.
Joey’s black Kenneth Cole shoes slipped as if on a banana peel, prompting him to land on his ass. At first, he laughed but a sharp pain climbed up his back. Ouch.  Laura laughed and offered a hand when she too slipped on her Barney’s Co-Op flats falling a top of him. Always trying to break a fall, Laura’s elbow hit the ground with an unusual thump. They lie engtangled speechless. Usually, a romantic situation turned into a predicament. 
-I think my bone might be protruding outside my elbow.
Joey couldn’t look.  Another glance revealed a small bone upright.  He thought of a wishbone on a turkey and almost gagged.
-It’s fine.  We can bandage it upstairs.
-Are you insane?  I need medical attention. 
– I can give you cab money.
Laura started to cry.  Joey thought she might be going into shock. Fifteen dollars later, they were in front of St. Vincent’s hospital. Why, pray why, Joey’s poor luck?  Out of obligation, he accompanied Laura to the Emergency Room where they waited for six hours to see a doctor.  His head throbbed.  Laura would probably be medicated and Joey might be able to bum a pill or two.
Because Joey had eaten up his sick days, he would need to appear at work.  He checked himself. Yikes, he reeked like a brewery and was on petro fumes.  He hoped Kelly didn’t notice.  A quick goodbye to Laura being bandaged as he snuck away. Outside, Joey ran to the deli for a men’s vitamin pack and Egg and Cheese with three ketchup packets. Ominously, a man just deposed of his banana peel outside.  Joey didn’t like the humour nor the implications. His entire night, plus breakfast, just cost him $200.  A bloody hemorrage. Rent was going to be a bitch this month.
A fun, spontaneous column about the adventures of a fun, fictious character entitled “Joey Little Italy.” Read what you missed; installment One,  Two, Three , Four.and Five.