I’ve always been poor and only recently has that started to really bother me.  The summer after my Senior Year in High School, I moved home from Ohio to Keene, New Hampshire because my Dad had married one of his students and they wanted the apartment to themselves.  I worked two jobs that summer, at Papa Gino’s and at Friendly’s.  I wore polyester uniforms for both jobs, and rode a bicycle to work.  I saved up almost 500 dollars to bring to college with me in New York City in the Fall, the bulk of which consisted of coins wrapped in paper rolls, and that seemed like a lot of money.  So it’s hard for me when my rich friends talk about troubles and pain, I know I could be really happy if someone else blow-dried my hair for me every day.  I just know it.

My Boss finally approached me at work about buying my Internet column to develop it into a television show.  Because I talk in my Internet column about being a terrible negotiator, I have a feeling my Boss has the upper hand in this conversation.  He talks about being on a limited budget, how it will be a cable show and those pay less, but since my life is R-Rated our options are limited.  My eyes glaze over during talks of monetary reimbursement, as I’m convinced I will never be rich, but I’m at full attention when my Boss talks about his vision for the show, which is a kind of Mary Tyler Moore Show, set in Hollywood, except Mary sleeps with everyone.  He says on my show it would be as if Mary hooked up with Lou Grant at a party and it’s awkward at work the next day, and I suddenly wonder if he knows I was sleeping with my dead ex-boss.


D-Girl Diary tomorrow!

(d girls image artist Tashina Suzuki)