Ahhh…the oyster.  As I sit at my desk; these lovely gems are on my mind.  Last Spring, I read the book The Big Oyster: History on the Half Shell which gives ample history about these tasty nugs. The history is deep as the sheer pleasure of the salty sea.  The oyster is alive until it hits your mouth.  I pucker as I think of the various types, my favorite of course being East Coast delights such as the Blue Point, Prince Edward and Malpeque. I’m more of a meaty oyster eater and while I’ll throw down an occaisonal Kumamoto, I appreciate the tenderness of larger shells.  Regarding that East vs West Coast oyster rivalry; I would read a fun piece from Esquire here.

Healthy too! Oysters, especially ‘wild’, are excellent sources of several minerals, including zinc and selenium. Oh, vitamin D–which I seem to be lacking in copious amounts these days.