More general house confusion sets in as I type this after reading EV Grieve’s site which highlights more mass apparel.  This time (again) we find J. Crew in the mix. They certainly turned the wheels on the old Liquor Store (which you can refresh your mind of Pam Zimmerman’s homage here.)   We have a movie type poster with a sleek Euro type guy walking on cobbled streets.  Looks a bit like Italy? Yo J Crew …did anyone in the research department recevie the memo?  Do the research?  Walk the walk? The LES and Bowery are both on the edgier side of things. For $69.50 those pants are yours.  Couple it with a Bowery Pima tee from John Varvatos. As previously mentioned, The Bowery is For Sale…everywhere!, you know these sacred New York neighborhoods now belong to big money and big ad money. I predict Urban Outfitters to follow suit (after seeing Supreme Sweatshirts on $19.99 clearance)  I can only see a pencil thin rock star type working that J. Crew Ludlow Suit at Pianos.

(image: EV Grieve)