MAR tr.v. marredmar·ringmars

1. To inflict damage, especially disfiguring damage, on.
2. To impair the soundness, perfection, or integrity of; spoil.


Per the New York Mag’s Grub Street it pains me to tell you Paul Sev and the boys are opening their venue SOON!  Too SOON!  (read the latest here.)

Direct quotes: Don’t let the Fashion Week folks fool you, though; this isn’t the second coming: “It’s not a new Beatrice,” Sevigny said.

“We’re working on that. But first, there’s never going to be a new Beatrice. We never planned for there to be a Beatrice. Beatrice is not a franchise. Kenmare is a small neighborhood restaurant that’s going to cater to people who are hungry. That’s obviously something different than the Beatrice, I think.”

Note to Paul Sev: Of COURSE you cannot replicate that little dungeon of chic. Never never, smarty pants. The Beatrice was it’s on den.  Plus… now you’re serving food to all the skinny bi-atches; yo, keep a clean toilet or better yet hire an attendant to clean the up-chucking (which will find it’s home in the Hudson River).  Ditto the smoking-room you’ll need to provide unless they’re reading poetry at which point everyone should light up. Note to Ollie @ the Purple D; get off the slopes STAT and get back to photograph the big unveiling.


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