Spoon’s ‘Transference’ has been playing non stop in the car, on the ipod, and in the apartment since its release.  As if I ever doubted that this would deliver in spades.  Spoon again prove to be the most consistent and interesting bands of the aught aughts.  Transference is full of hooky songs, fried out grooves, and super interesting textures.  Yes, some how they make music you can actually feel with your hands.  Don’t ask me how.  It is an early front runner for the best of ’10 list.  If you want to start a dance off at your next house party throw “Who Makes Your Money” on repeat, drop the mic and start boogieing.  Speaking of dance parties, I have fond memories of marching through the streets of San Francisco during Bay To Breakers 2008 with a boom box strapped around my neck pumping Tigercity’s debut EP ‘Pretend Not To Love,’ inciting dance riots at every turn.  This unheralded deep Brooklyn quartet returned to the fold in late 2009 with their first full length ‘Ancient Lover’.  It was released to (tragically) little acclaim.  In another world their songs are blaring out of car stereos and dance club speakers every Saturday night.  While the album as a whole does not deliver the promise of their debut EP, its standout tracks (Mallory, Fake Gold, & James Iha) certainly do.  With all of the nostalgia for the 80s in pop culture right now I am flat out amazed that they not been able to float above the garbage.  They are the rare 80s revivalists who get it right, writing instantly danceable songs with big fat meaty falsetto laden choruses that will have you reaching for the ceiling.  Fans of Chromeo, Passion Pit, and Phoenix will not be disappointed.  Do yourself a favor and grab the EP and the album and prepare to cut rug.

With all of this gloomy weather in the Bay Area (fuck you El Nino), it has definitely not all been dancing and fist pumping, as much as The Situation may have had me convincing myself otherwise.  The majority of 2010 has seen me growing a winter beard, getting fat and listening to winterized music.  So in honor of the lashing rain and the lack of sunlight, I leave you with my 10 song Winter Beard 2010 Playlist:

1. Lissie-Little Lovin
2. Jim O’Rourke-Ghost Ship In A Storm
3. Palace Music-West Palm Beach
4. Teenage Fanclub-Empty Space
5. The Bees-Punchbag
6. Gerry Rafferty-Right Down The Line
7. Sam Prekop-Between Outside
8. Starling Electric-Camp Fire
9. John Cale-Please
10. The Low Anthem-To Ohio


Tony lives in San Francisco with his girlfriend and his brother.  He enjoys music and fresh-baked cookies.  He will not apologize for being a fan of Crowded House.  Follow him at twitter.com/tonyvontz .