The vitamin pack didn’t do much in the way of energy.  Was it too early for a healer, mate?  Joey Little Italy arrived an hour late for work whereupon Kelly scolded him and mentioned something about a warning.  Another crappy day.  The egg sandwich sat like a lump in his belly. He craved broccoli and cheddar soup for Au Bon Pain and some massive carbs.  Later, he would take a lunch trip, sneaking out and telling Kelly he had an errand.

At the cubicle, his message light was blinking red. Begrudgingly, he listened.  It was his mother from Cincinnati.  She was planning to visit with her daughter, Joey’s half sister, Mary.  They would be int his weekend.  Thanks for the warming, Mom.  Now his night would be spent cleaning the hairs off his vanity and doing some serious toilet bowl cleaning.  The refrigerator was a mess and Brian’s private quarters were a shit show. The clothes were scattered everywhere.

He quickly called Brian who was also from Cincinnati and knew his mother well.

-Dude, you need to clean your room.

-Joey, I’m an artist.

-Brian, my mom doesn’t care.  We look like slobs. Mary will freak.

-Are you going to introduce her to Frankie?
-Maybe. Who knows?  I haven’t really seen him around.  Just set out the roach hotels STAT, Brian.

-Motels. It’s not the Ritz Joey.

-Whatever, don’t buy the cheap models from Chinatown.  We need the Raid variety.

-You’ll need to give me a few bucks.  I don’t get paid until next month. 

-I just bought you drinks last week. You owe me at least a twenty spot.


Kelly came around to ask Joey for his accounting report.  He dug through various papers on his desk and produced his half-arsed work. 

-I would like you to present this to the team. 

This was Joey’s big chance to segue from accounting to creative, if he could pull of a coherent presentation.

Liquid courage, Joey.  Liquid courage.  He tossed two of Laura’s pills (make note to call her later) down his throat.

-The meeting is in 15 minutes.   Let’s hope your work paid off.

Yes, let’s hope, Joey thought. Geez, let’s hope.


A fun, spontaneous column about the adventures of a fun, fictious character entitled “Joey Little Italy” by Kate Donnelly. Read what you missed; installment One,  Two, Three , Four. Five. and Six.