The inner sanctuary of chic has landed…Kenmare. Namaste. Now it’s time for a meeting of the minds.  Let’s open the doors, shall we?


Paul (purple scarf NOT included; DJ services included.)

Olivier (crooked aviators, tight jeans to pack the heat, facial stubble always included).

A meeting?  A meeting, YES! The Time?  NOW.  Now? YES! Yes, it’s that time of the year…sigh long sigh, FASHION WEEK and the hits …they keep on coming.  This time in the form of duo Paul Sev and another favorite aviator man, Ollie D. TRUE A-TEAM game. Playas, stay the F up. A marriage of the two perfect nobodies who self promote with self promotion. Righteous brothers…God bless them. DJs, camera, rock n’ roll, booze and a little sister whispering …Hush. Such a brilliant PR move (why didn’t I think of it? I only thank the blonde girl with the evil eye tattoo on the nape of her neck).

The pictures from the uber-blah-blah exclusive fiesta can be viewed on Purple Diary’s Kemare page. The PD rocked out its own private dancer dinner at Kemare (the new hip-joint I formerly touched on here.) Ah, jealously pangs as I consider all those personal peccadilloes floating around the space, in the bathroom, on the tables.  Paul’s music over the speakers; Black Magic Woman.  I can only imagine…drooling greedily from afar.

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3rd image via The Purple Diary.