The Shake Shack invasion of New York is throwing down take-out style in Nolita. Eek. Granted, Danny Meyers (a Midwesterner) endeavor cooks up a mean steak burger (much like what I grew up on in Kansas City at places such as Winsteads), still, it’s cropping up on holy ground.  Old. Saint Patrick’s ground.  Yes, I wish I concepted the idea, packaged and brought it to New York pearly gates.  Still yet, the neighborhood already T-boned by long lines is about to further T- bone itself.  The Villager reports Nolita nabes aren’t totally down with the idea:

“Residents of the historic Little Italy neighborhood of Nolita have reacted with a mixture of shock, dread and horror as news spread of the hamburger chain Shake Shack’s proposed location in the heart of the picturesque area,” read a press release from concerned neighbors, including the Little Italy Neighborhood Association and the Little Italy Restoration Association.

According to residents, the proposed outdoor seating area above the sidewalk-level eatery poses overcrowding and noise problems for the tenants living in an adjacent residential building, as well as for the 195-year-old St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral and cemetery directly across the street. Neighbors fear that without sufficient seating, the restaurant will force customers to flood the streets to scarf down their orders — disrupting the area’s quality of life and impinging on the historic church’s presence.”

As Bill Murray might conjure in Ghostbusters; “Nobody steps on a church in my town.”  Bill, we need you. (a related piece on the No-Ness factor at the Nolitan.)