The Odeon is the ultimate homage to the downtown old school.  If you’ve lived in Manhattan over five years; you have been to this establishment many times over.  The take-out is always perfect on say a Sunday night, ditto the brunch, and well just about anytime you can walk though the evening doors and sip a dirty martini and hit the Angus Hanger steak or New York Strip barsteak, well, that is a perfect New York night.

Last night, I read the New York Magazine’s revealing albeit entertaining profile. “The Odeon introduced McNally’s vintage, salvage-based design sensibility and the then-novel combination of good food in a casual atmosphere. From the moment it opened, in 1980, the Odeon became the downtown nexus of post–Studio 54 early-eighties glamour. Janice Dickinson, the model, recalled a night when she strapped on a saddle and John Belushi rode her around the restaurant. It was at the Odeon that Jay McInerney would despoil his nose with Bolivian Marching Powder en route to writing Bright Lights, Big City.”

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