In the spirit of Alice In Wonderland (which I will not be seeing), I recommend the book, One Pill Makes You Smaller by Lisa Dierbeck.

This is from a review I wrote circa 2003: When mystery pills were still a mystery and the drugs were cool.  You know, people popped Quaaludes and weren’t zapped out on generic antidepressants.  ONE PILL smacks of originality— a tale of Alice & Wonderland gone freaky in New York.  It’s probably hard to capture the seventies drug culture without having been constantly played on little yellow dolls, Peruvian flake and sheets of acid.  Guess what? The author convinces and so does the story. Physically mature Alice (a mere 11 years old) escapes her Aunt’s perved-out boyfriend Rabbit and spends time at a deserted summer camp with a touchy-feely blow dealer and two twin girls (remember the Shining?).  Things get pretty freaky.  The characters glide on autopilot in these pages of counterculture peppered with Houses of Holy albums, shimmering rock stars, mental institutions, and the high-high platform shoes.  The book’s cover has this waxy, leathery NICO or David Bowie thing going on; a she-man wearing those rimless aviators that might conjure up a Warhol image.  Maybe.  Who knows?  This is what I do know: it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find books this cool.  Makes you wish you could come up with this shit on your own.  Hey, should you want some supplemental material, go rent Jan Svankmajer’s Alice.  Sleep with your light on; little girls in pink gowns are scary.