NEW YORK CITY is always in a perpetual season of change.  Always in constant flux and motion, all tightly tied and twisted like umbilical cords.  You move over the various downtown kids, the genres, trends, fashion pieces, bikes, accessories, drugs, you name it, still you have Paul Sev and co. S-T-I-L-L kicking around. Ah, the power of kicking around.

TIME has been generous to the cool. Especially when fancy upstate, college names and geography (a la states like Connecticut) are involved and yeah, keeping it in the family.  The Sevs are like Waspsy Corleones and show no signs of going away.

Now…New York isn’t being so generous especially considering Paul Sev’s is the new posterchild of downtown chic with his closed Beatrice (RIP RIP, if it was a pet you might want to stuff it) and now the Jagger fly-by spot, Kemare.  And the annoyingly black and white, travel picture site with soft porn and snaps of artistic children dot the screen over at Purple Diary doesn’t help sever the Sev.

In George Gurley’s fantastic New York Observer piece (2000), Chloe Sevigny’s Big Brother Paul Quits Commodities, Spins Platters its clear this dude is going to (one day!) be a nasty trainwreck to the scene.  Yes, the profile is a decade old but tells the same story.  It reeks of privilege, little to no talent and name drops about everyone including Moby.  Yeah, dawg.

Embedded in the piece: What’s a guy to do?I never really wanted to be a D.J.,” Mr. Sevigny said. “Eight months ago, I would never have thought it. It was really weird. I’m still adjusting to it. Imagine if you were a D.J. in two months-you’re as far away from it right now as I was.”He pushed away his half-eaten cheeseburger. “It’s the funniest thing,” he said. “I’m sitting here doing an interview. You know, six months ago I was behind a desk. A real, regular life. It’s a New York story, that’s for sure. Would not happen anywhere else. It’s so much tied into the whole Hollywood thing. Besides my sister, there was the whole Dana thing. You could think of it as a negative thing. Everything all at once produced more. My sister gets nominated for an Oscar, Dana gets busted and then all of a sudden I’m a D.J. It makes it all the more interesting.”

Look you should just read the article, but Moby grew up with the Sev sibs in Darien.  Back to the article: “I love the way paul sevigny dj’s,” Moby said via e-mail. “It’s funny cos i’ve known paul and chloe since forever. i remember little chloe as a 12 year old ingenue.”

Mr. Sevigny said that Moby’s approval meant something to him. “That was exciting for me because here’s a guy with a No. 1 album,” he said. “It was one of the first things that legitimized me to myself. Because all the time people come up and tell you you suck.”

Um, well, I didn’t say it.

TITS!  I did say that.