March Madness (listen)

In what I hope becomes a regular occurrence, I have posted a playlist of actual music for your listening pleasure.  Where I would normally just post the names of a bunch of people and songs and pray that someone, somewhere still participates in the act of buying music, I am now delivering the sounds straight to your computer.  Since it is Friday, the weather is nice, and it would technically be Spring Break if I was not an old bastard, I have kept things upbeat.

We get started with an instrumental banger from Dennis Wilson’s magnum opus “Pacific Ocean Blue,” and then go down to the bayou for two of the singer-songwriter era’s best kept secrets in Tony Joe White (could someone’s music sound more appropriate for a person with a name as awesome as Tony Joe White?) and Bobby Charles. Beth Ortonand Lissie represent for the ladies, while Vetiver and Monsters of Folkkeep it real for the bearded set.  San Francisco’s The Dodos bring almost uncomfortable levels of sincerity, melody and propulsive rhythm, and Atlas Sound and Animal Collective’s Noah Lennox combine for what is the most instantly catchy song of either of their critically lauded careers.

Devendra Banhart, Citay and Girls represent the Bay Area.  If you’ve read my posts in the past you know how I feel about Girls.  If you remain uncertain about Devendra Banhart, his most recent record may be the one to draw you in.  It’s produced with buttery vintage thickness by Paul Butler from A Band of Bees.  A couple pleasant breezy strummers from the new Midlake and Citay records slows things down, and Dolly kicks it back up with a shit kicking ode to white trash pride.

Kurt Vile has occupied a special place in my heart over the past two years with his unique production work (both on his own records, and on War on Drugs’ debu), voice, and guitar work.  ”Freeway” is the hit that never was for Kurt Vile (his actual name, that, much like Tony Joe White, is way too appropriate for the music he creates). Yeasayer and Kiwi imports Ruby Suns bring a touch of four on the floor, and the inimitable Arthur Russell closes things out with a letter for you.


Tony Joe Vontz

Tony lives in San Francisco with his girlfriend and his brother.  He enjoys music and fresh-baked cookies.  He will not apologize for being a fan of Crowded House.  Follow him at .  His other pieces are NOT to be missed, including Winter Beard Playlist and Best Music of 2009 List.
(photo: Mendocino County, 1974)