What a complete buzz kill.  WOW WOW WOW.  EV Grieve reports Cafe Colonial looks to be latest casulty of RIPCO. This jammy’s been open since 1994, a pioneer to the scene which has now yupped out with a Whole Foods down the block and well, eaters know the rest of the big name chefs who have recently invaded the NoLita/Bowery scene. Ditto the John Varvatos’ of the world. Brunch was always great to linger, caffeinated up and dining on black beans and rice. The Colonial background story is charming too.

Chef/owner Luciane was born and raised in Brazil, Porto Alegre. She left in 1987 to live and travel around Europe, working in numerous restaurants as way of making a living. She then moved to Hawaii for two years to further explore life, all the while learning different cuisines. In 1992, she finally settled and married in New York City. In 1994, unable to get a job due to her pregnancy, she decided to open Cafe Colonial, a small cafe with great food.


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(*image EV Grieve)