Perfectly timing dude.  Step in Paul’s line for a good PR chick.  If the tattoo chick is taken, WAIT in line.

Yes, another coin toss. In the ring:  A Todd Solondz-like movie character, Uncle Creepy head, thumbsucker equipped with plaid shirts and those stupid “Hipster” classes, weighing a buck twenty with a crooked ass sexual resume. A mean, smarmy trampy predator. NEVER skew your words.  Don’t be mistaken, this is one sick puppy. Eyes don’t lie.

Yes, the Purple Man, Ollie certainly has his moments now according to Jezebel, photographer friend in arms Terry Richardson is having his own bout of troubles (but at least has the good sense to apologize for his shortcomings.) Do you accept his sorry behavior?  GRRRRR…stand up for those clean model ladies, stop working and selling yourself to the bone.

TR, you creep show. Seriously, bru.  Just last week, Jezebel published a curious albeit revealing  piece on the randy photo man’s professional scene including a plethora of dirtiness.  For real, the guy looks off the farm fresh molester out of a night raid on the chicken coup.  I can’t even imagine.

Some nar-ness, although if you want to read it all; hit up the article. Meanwhile, these stories of Richardson’s behavior speak for themselves:

“I was a model in the late 90s in London, and I was booked on a Terry Richardson job for Arena Homme Plus. The shoot was at an amusement park, and I would estimate that there were 30 models in total […] and we were told that all of us would be given an opportunity to shoot a cover try. Being familiar with Mr. Richardson’s…..peccadillos, many of the models were eager to please; pleasing in this instance consisted primarily of pulling down pants, pulling up skirts, losing blouses, and a bit of finger sucking thrown in for good measure. It seemed painfully clear to me that the phantom lure of a cover try was sufficient reason for a handful of young women with waning career prospects to humiliate themselves in front of each other while Terry Richardson giggled, panted, said “That’s hot,” and pushed them further. During lunch, I approached him and asked him if he had any moral quandaries about exploiting the sad dreams of models who hadn’t yet made it and probably never would. I asked him if he realized that they were enacting what they believed were his expectations and fantasies in order to gain his favor and hence gain a cover or a future booking. “I don’t really think about that stuff,” he told me. “I guess you’re smarter than me.”

The stories and quote are endless, boundless.  Perfectly gross and readable.

If you really want to work out some strange math.  Look at Terry and Ollie. Together forever, BFF.  UGH. Do you just morph the two as one…a camera with a lens that keeps watching you? Both prospects are quite scary. OR perhaps I just take pity, It’s the BLIND LEADING THE BLIND. Wear that on your tee, Chloe.

(images 1: highsnoberity 2: paper magazine)


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