The Japan Society is a great place to see an exhibit of your choice. My 2004 summer obsession continues after viewing  “Little Boy: The Arts of Japanese Exploding Subculture” exhibition(curated by Takashi Murakami). I’m now dedicated fan of Artist Aya Takano, (born Japan 1976), who specializes in drawings and paintings of pre-teen waifs. Her portrayals of young female protagonists– provocative and vulnerable with doe-eyes and pink flesh– blend science fiction, sexuality, violence, innocence and pop culture. Her world is almost too cool to explain or fathom. There’s a great book available on Japanese female artists Drop Dead Cute as well as Murakami’s book from the exhibition, Little Boy.

Going to the Japan Society is a great idea on a weekday when crowds are generally more chill. Hit the United Nations (read about posting here) and afterwards, hop over to Grand Central for a seat at the Oyster Bar. This scheduled itinerary (the trifecta) was one of my favorite (planned New York days.

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