The  PR lady with the tattoo of her ex-boyfriend,  SAM, prominently displayed on the nape of her neck, in street font, sat down at Balthazar armed with a large vintage gold Rolex, black Balenciaga bag and loads of credit cards.  Her blonde hair was slicked back in a bun and she donned giant hop earrings (a bit too J Lo) but she rushed out the door of her NoLita digs unable to find her Cartier diamonds.


She was meeting with an up-and-coming DJ turned hip bar owner, Pierre (whose money he borrowed from a wealthy (but not super rich) Italian who also wanted in the business but didn’t have anything to offer in the cool department. Pierre wanted the PR lady’s thoughts on how to throw a kick ass opening with B list fashionistas. Too bad the money man Italian didn’t show up.  Pierre owed her at least 30K for the first month.  No worries; she would stick one of her pit bulls on the case once she hit the office (only two blocks away).  In fact, most of the PR Lady’s world was in a two to four block radius.

What a drag.

-Coffee, please! she snapped.

It was a perfect spring day and although fashionably premature, the PR lady threw on a black terry cloth jump suit with long gold strands of necklaces.  She ordered a black coffee and egg whites which she would pick at but not eat.  Plus, her P-Funks would take any edge off, especially those jitters from lack of protein. 

Pierre was still late.  The PR lady caught one of her ex-employees in her peripheral and winked at her.  The other girl look horrified not from the sighting but at the overly presumptuous wink.   Pierre finally arrived as the crowd at Balthazar began to rumble.  She loved Balthazar. worshipped it. Her family money entitled her to sit with other fashion elite.  She didn’t have to deal with the Pierre’s of the world much longer, how annoying, you had to babysit a guy like this.  No, soon she would land a fashion house and swim with the big boys.  She was a bone fide shark. 

Even though the PR Lady couldn’t get her ex-ex-ex (yes, three ex’s ago) boyfriend Tyler back.  She continued to try.  She thought about buying him a dog.  She was a PR maven and could bullshit her way through most thicket. Plus, buying prizes always seemed to work.  It was a good angle.

Kate Donnelly worked in the New York film world (@ New Line Cinema and Revolution Studios). She’s published a few pieces for Daily Candy and The Believer. She loves the Yankees, tacos and sushi (not in that particular order).