This is a playlist (LISTEN LISTEN!) I had originally created during a work trip to Asia in late 2008.  I would listen to it on the ferry ride to and from our office in Hong Kong to my hotel on Kowloon.  Although I recalled going through a very intense Bob Dylan phase during that time period, the playlist served as the perfect background to a boat ride staring at a real life version of “Blade Runner” for 45 minutes everyday.  The Bard just wouldn’t have cut it.  I revisited it recently after hearing some new tunes that I thought would slot in nicely.  I’ve also discovered that it kind of reminds me of trying on clothes at Banana Republic.  Oh well, I enjoy it anyways.  I hope you do too.


Tony lives in San Francisco with his girlfriend and his brother.  He enjoys music and fresh-baked cookies.  He will not apologize for being a fan of Crowded House.  Follow him at . His other pieces are NOT to be missed, including RIP Alex Chilton, A Lil Bit of Country,  Winter Beard Playlist and Best Music of 2009 List.