1 • Joe Riis photograph from series “Pronghorn Migration” – Christmas gift from Robin, 2009 • Photo of my wife taken on our first trip together – Hawaii 2008 • Vintage 1950’s pinball machine side; stolen from abandoned warehouse – Oklahoma City, 1991 • The digital toolbox – iMac 27″ • Decor Craft glass water bottle • Miniature ceramic elephant – Zihuatanejo, Mexico • Canoe glass energy barometer – Thanks, Kate! • Tivoli Audio Model Two table top sound system; Digital stream of KCSM San Mateo – Sunday Jazz.

2 • The stack: Vintage Tarot Deck, Red Moleskine diary, Campus business card holder, “Cosmicomics” by Italo Calvino • Canon wide angle lens & Digital Rebel w 50mm • Crucial 8gb flash drive • My grandmothers childhood baseball circa 1920’s • The Pictorial Webster’s Dictionary • Multiple journals and notebooks – all from Kinokuniya Books.

3 • Desktop: salvaged wood flooring from Queens Factory; Desk base: Vintage steel coffin stand – put together by the artisans from Moon River Chattel, Brooklyn • Wireless Mac keyboard • I love NY notepad – Random midtown tourist shop; you never know what gem can be found • Reishi based herbal coffee – keeping the jitters in check.


Frank Ozmun is Freelance Creative Director, Trend Consultant & Graphic Designer living in Brooklyn Heights with his wife, Robin Zakoura. Look for his upcoming lines Archers Fortune this summer and Blackletter late Fall 2010. He’s also an up-and-coming contributor to I Loved New York.