From Julie’s Desk in Helsinki, Finland. 1: “Some weird rye spaghetti and Finnish beer Kukko Pils, which translates to “cock” beer + a dirty mug, one Finnish dictionary, Metric Tape Measure, wallet, carry all purse thing from Marimekko, pens, pencil, masking tape, a piece of granite i liked, Post-Its and my Nokia phone (of course).”

extra notes: Time is 9:19PM. Latitude = 60th parallel.


Julie Scheu is a renaissance woman of sorts with an impressive resume to boot. Currently, Julie’s studying at the University of Art & Design Helsinki (Taideteolinnen korkeakoulu: T.A.I.K.).  She’s managed to keep her Egg Collective alive with a little help from her friends.  She likes cats and works well with farm animals and husbandry.  She also likes oysters, champagne and Cheetos but not in that order.  She’s a fast driver with a heavy foot.  She’s also quite funny and very talented.