Trickle in, the good, bad and the ugly…ever so fun.

Eater reports the A Look at the Early Word. My favorite (yes, it’s bad but makes so much sense). The Bad News: This Yelper doesn’t believe the hype. “Though the food was OK, this place is really more about the scene (which was snotty and overwrought) than anything else, despite whatever the proprietors might say. It was packed last night; no surprise as there’s been a lot of buzz about this place. We had a 10:00 reservation and were not seated until 10:35. I had two old-fashioneds while waiting (we got there at 9:30 to hang out at the bar), which were very uneven: the first tasted like it was missing bitters, the second was overly sweet. The hostesses were patronizing, especially the one wearing the idiotic hat who informed us there was a private party downstairs and practically brushed us out of the way.” [Yelp]

(Photo by Cooper Marshall)