A favorite mainstay of many, the empire of the Bromberg brothers included, Blue Ribbon Restaurant, Blue Ribbon Bakery and most mouth-watering, Blue Ribbon Sushi is about to out their first cookbook (which the New York Magazine describes as “A little French, a little Jewish, a little Asian and very New York.” The magazine also rolls out a witty timeline which I ask you to check out here.

I’m on the pre-order list as I type this.  Other recent cookbooks of interest to me (again some old school), Salt To Taste, A Platter of Figs, Ad Hoc, Urban Italian and Culinary Artistry (great pairings).  Yes, one learns to cook when they no longer have access to the best restaurants in the country albeit no decent carry-out or delivery Chinese (make that no delivery period, unless you think a block of fake cheese pizza counts).